Monday, 16 March 2015

Where is my hat ?

Good afternoon  ,

After a short break i finally went to Copalnic . Somehow i like going there. Except 3 boys the whole class was participating in the activity. But in the end one boy of these 3 join us. others were curious, but stayed firmly on their chairs. On the way back to baia mare we hitchhiked with orthodox priest , who was from the church situated 60km from Tirgu Lapus. He was nice, drove us all the way till Mcdonalds .

On saturday was my birthday. I humbly celebrated it with few friends. We disturbed the administrator of the building a bit. But in the evening me and sopo went to his flat with cake. Domnu Andrei treated us with apple juice. Now he is not angry with us, i am sure.

I received nice and useful gifts . thanks a lot !

but, i think i lost my hat in the pub . I checked the place and it was closed. on Friday i will try to go there and ask about it.

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