Monday, 30 March 2015

time to pack

Hello ,

last week was full of activities . on monday we, YMCA volunteers had a meeting with maramures tv. They asked me about my impressions and what was i doing in romania for 1 year .

Another important thing that happened on monday , is that on jude`s workshop we created a song, which is already recorded. today we will try to make a video for it.

Friday was my last day in Copalnic school. teacher and children prepared surprise for me . lovely drawings on blackboard, exploding confetti, cookies and a goodbye gift. teachers there are really nice to us, volunteers.

We have a guest in house , his name is victor , friend of jude who arrived here for couple of days. He had a birthday on saturday. We made georgian food - Xinkali , which was a success, tasted really good.

I leave on 1st of april. today i have to buy some souveniers and try to pack my bag. to see what i take and what i have to leave.

My next blog will be from home. see you.

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