Monday, 2 March 2015

new flat

This week 4 more volunteers left baia mare. one of them was my project partner - Salome . Thank you Lelievre , was a funny year . I will check your Georgian alphabet handwriting when we meet next time. and I am staying here 1 month more , because i was one month late. Thank you visa for existing.

I  had to change flats, now i am living with volunteers from another project . This flat belonged to "walking on sunshine" , so i am familiar with it. i inherited sarahs room , which was robbis before. it is a bit strange to live with a door after 11 months, because before i didn't needed one. but now i have a balcony .

On sunday i received my project t-shirt, poster and lovely gifts from my coordinator and mentor. i like the t-shirt very much , i also have to focus on collecting gifts to take in Georgia for my family members and friends. Last month, lot of things to do . whew.

this is the t-shirt

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