Monday, 9 March 2015

home alone

Good morning ,

because of being a bit ill, i missed Copalnic school last friday. So , no "volunteer activities" for me that week.

And weekend i was alone in the flat . girls went traveling . i looked after the apartment pretty well. with couple of friends who were in town , we made lovely dinner and celebrated Nuri`s birthday , which was actually 1 week ago .

Yesterday i was watching Romanian movie - "the death of mr.Lazarescu" . i slept in the middle, but woke up before the ending, which was a bit strange . anyway , if you haven't seen this movie, you can leave it be.

The weather in baia mare is getting warmer and warmer. i am walking outside with just a shirt and fleece. i remember, last year in april i wore shorts. behold, hot weathers are coming.

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