Monday, 23 February 2015

winter is over

thank you

Hello ,

As the end of EVS approaches to 3 of our friends , we started some "need to be done" activities . Filling youthpass, giving away things we don't take home, cleaning houses, making goodbye lunches, dinners, drinking, I will stay here 1 month more, but i already started to throw some things , because i am changing the flat.

Friday was the day that volunteers from 3 organizations celebrated and after went out in baia mare . parties were in two locations . Unfortunately our flats are not big enough to fit us all . But before , during the afternoon I had to go to Copalnic . We ended up playing football with almost all the school children. 2 hours passed really fast while running , shouting , etc. that game was beyond any referee to handle . Girls also were playing , but with strange tactic - they were like a bucket of flowers. not separating from each other .

On saturday we had a small dinner, where people brought their own made food. Was truly delicious . Evening was full of compliments.

I am sure you noticed how warm it is during past days in baia mare. lot of people go to play in parks now . i think winter time is over.

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