Monday, 2 February 2015

the pick of destiny

Hello ,

working on my project T-shirt is finished. only thing that is left is to print it, in near future. i like it very much, can't wait to wear it.

me and salome started to prepare kids for the "goodbye lesson" . school 14 children are preparing a surprise for us, also one of students will have a birthday on monday 9th. "happy birthday" and "larevedere party" together. they made lovely postcards for us. their ability to write georgian letters is really good also.

climbing gym is better and better. i feel that slowly i am developing my skills. guys that hang around there are nice also. lot of people are coming to train, i guess climbing is pretty popular in baia mare.

i met one of them in Log Out on friday. there was a live concert, the band played rock song covers and it was amazing. i didn't listen to good live music for a long time . after concert i found a guitar pick on the floor ; my trophy.

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