Monday, 5 January 2015

new strings

Yo ,

holidays ended. today i had my first class in school 14. kids are as energetic as always. we had another georgian day, because i could't finish last time. they wrote their names using georgian alphabet, tried tongue twisters and sang a song. these children are really smart, they can "catch" new staff really well.

About holidays, christmas i spent in baia mare, but the new year i met in lviv, ukraine . we went there for 2 days . it was a nice journey. our host was half georgian, half ukrainian girl . she had georgian wine, it was really good to taste it after such long time. lviv is big and nice city. lot of tourists came there for new year. on christmas we received our friend volunteers from arad. 2 of them went to ukraine with us.

more important was visit of curro , volunteer from ymca that finished his project 3 months ago. he visited us again on 27. he staid for 2 days . they passed fast , but lot of memories left. try to come again before i am here.

my new years gift to ymca guitar are new strings. better to play on it now.

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