Monday, 12 January 2015


So ,

already 30th blog ha .

Friday was "copalnic day" and school 12 day. i thought in copalnic there would be more snow than baia mare, but no . There studies a kid names Lucian , i like him. he said he didn't like english , but was brave enough to read what we wrote together in front of class. his pronunciation is not bad, if he wanted to learn language, it would be easy for him i think . Lucian had an amazing idea for 2015 school year - "school should only work for 2 hours" .

this week i tried ice skating. surprisingly i didn't fell down. almost, but it doesn't count. i saw one of my students there. she was alone, skating like a boss without parents.

snow is good, but now it is turning into annoying substance on the streets, soon it will start to melt and than apocalypse will start . maybe.

i started to go to climbing gym . it feels good to do this sport again. slowly i am getting stronger for difficult routes. i advise you to try climbing, it is a challenging sport and after each "step forward" it makes you feel better.

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