Monday, 8 December 2014

Am plecat să colindăm

Greetings ,

I was in Sinaia for midterm training . "youth are golden" and "united in diversity" successfully collaborated during 5 days of travel. Fortunately our wagon was almost empty, only us and we had lot of options of where to sleep. We knew half of forty something people that were meant to be with us during these days. it was nice to meet them again . basicly midterm was like arrival , but with different topics to discuss . we were divided in 3 teams and i was lucky to get really good trainers.
They taught us romanian carol , which we performed during lunch in dining room with other volunteers. It snowed in Sinaia a bit, i made the first snowballs for this winter. We played frisbee , but our fingers were frozen fast, so we had to quit . Hotel was old , with really nice design .

Midterm ended on wednesday, out train was on thursday night, so we had  the whole day free. We decided to go to brasov and kill time there. we took the same train as arad volunteers. Not to get bored we were walking through brasov , changing locations . the best "entertainment" was mcdonalds  and the train station .

We arrived on friday and didn't go to schools , so it was a week of rest from work. The following week was almost the same, we only went to Romani Center; But this one will be different. In romani center we are practicing christmas song with kids, they need some time to learn english words , but we see progress.

5 december was international volunteers day. lot of organizations gathered in gold plaza, including YMCA. Workshop tensing presented 6 songs they worked during the month. My tent was used as a "video room" for one of our activities.

YMCA plans to do photovoice in Copalnic , we talked with kids, they chose topics, but because of midterm and 5 december we could't go there. i hope they remember things they talked about . One of school students brought milk for me as a present, was nice .

Time to work, i go to school soon.

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