Monday, 15 December 2014



My guitar workshop ended . 

Last week we visited Romani Center twice. they are practicing carols; i play guitar on one of them. The songs they practice sound nice. 

at school 12 , on friday the kids helped us to sing/learn one carol . it was beginning with these words - steaua sus rasare . after we danced on a christmas song and they were really happy. they have the christmas spirit . 

the same day we had kidergarten event , in which parents participated also . They did handcraft together and after children sang romanian carols. the culmination of the event was the santa claus appearance. he brought gifts. he did a really good job while taking pictures with everyone. i remembered these children from summer; we did activities with them during non-formal education week, with "walking on sunshine" team. 

This is the last week and the vacation begins. 

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