Sunday, 16 November 2014

windy camping

ohaioo  ,

During last week 4 new YMCA volunteers came to schools with me and salome . They saw what do we do with kids, saw places they will work in future . Romani Center kids were exited to see them, asked questions, gave drawings as gift.

at school 18, the activity we prepared was about inventing a story, than acting it in front of others. i was surprised that kids liked it that much. they worked well in groups . For next week they asked for some outside activities.

Friday , YMCA turned 10 years. Egyptian room hosted celebration party. lot of people came, including local volunteers . everyone had to bring beverages or snacks , in the end it was big pile of food and drinks. Main dish was huge YMCA cake . My team got the 2nd place in the quiz that was about organization .

For the weekend me, misho and razvan went to Tiblis mountains. the trail was a bit harder than borsa. we camped on the peak, with no trees around. it was windy and the tent was shaking all the time. but it withstood it perfectly. On 2nd day, when we were heading back to Baia Mare, we took a longer road, had to walk a bit more . Friendly shepherd guided us to the right way.
i took the flute with me. struggling to find a melody , but its really nice to have an instrument during the hike.

yep, thats it

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