Monday, 3 November 2014

Onion soup

I`m really satisfied with the last weeks activities. In every school kids reacted/behaved well . Theme was "halloween", they were exited.  In copalnic we went to a different class. It is fun to rotate in the whole school.

YMCA received 4 new volunteers this week. They are in the same flat as "walking on sunshine" , so they live near. 

Bruno Miguel is leaving baia mare , saturday was his farewell party. lot of things happened . I have to buy a chess board , since bruno was only one who has it. i will use the holy portugese olive oil with honor. I will say proper farewell tomorrow . 

Sunday afternoon i spent in mara park, doing frisbee and slackline; drinking tea with bread and "bunica jam". finally i got a chance to test new disk and it flies damn good . here is the "equipment" we used . 

now that we have two of them, we try new "moves", etc. We met a guy in the park and he told that he wants to make frisbee club in baia mare. lets see how he will manage. 

As the topic of the blog says, i made onion soup lot of times this week. They are curros presents that served well during the end of the month. After sport activities , all of participants had a chance to taste it. 

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