Monday, 10 November 2014

Murmeltiers, where are you ?

Buna ziua.

last week we had 2 days of training in YMCA with new volunteers . one day indoor, one outdoor. i liked it, was interesting . We didn't go to schools and skipped romanian lesson. Somehow i didn't wanted to skip romanian, i enjoy this 1 hour very much. but this week will be normal .

After that we planned the activities for Tolerance Day, which was friday. we were 3 teams and went to 3 different schools . Working in my group was nice, we managed well, helped each other, etc.
We had to go to Hungarian school today, to do activities on the same topic. groups were same, but less working time. I liked the school very much, friendly atmosphere, music in corridors .
In both schools we told kids about our workshops, lets see if someone shows up tomorrow on mine.

I spent weekend in Borsa, Rodnei mountain. The weather was perfect, good view from peak. It was full moon , so we walked in the night , as if it was daytime. But not as cold as i expected. The lake was frozen a bit, but still, not that much cold. Where is winter Romaniaaaaaa ? where ?
I hoped to see marmots on the hills, but this time not that lucky. Without rush , we managed to get the bus, just 5 minutes before it was about to leave, Ideal timing . I missed my tent , sleeping bags, nature, so i am pleased with this 2 days very much.

That`s it.

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