Monday, 27 October 2014

Week of the dragon

Hello ,

Last week was really good.

Salome took 1 week vacation , so i went to schools alone. i  managed somehow, but kids were disappointed when they didn't see her . In Copalnic i went to another class with another teacher. Kids knew english a bit , so it was easier .
In art school i tried to sing an english song with kids, but it didn't work out that well. maybe it is too early for them.

On friday me, misho, aysel and ahmed went to Oradea . without aysel we wouldn't manage to get a car though . hopefully she was with us. hitchhike for us boys , became a bit problematic last 3 times. probably it was our last visit to that city , because our friends leave on 4th of november. 2 days spent together is a good way to say "see you soon" i guess .
Oradea has a huge market of second hand(and not only) stuff. me and misho bought hats . the whole city goes there , and it is only on sundays.

We arrived at sunday evening and had a warm welcome . After that i slept really well.

The weather finally got better in baia mare . i hope to practice slackline this week.

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