Monday, 6 October 2014

Cooking week

Good afternoon, 

Last week we had first class in Copalnic. we have some old kids, but mainly new ones. First impression was great. The activities we planned for them will work out well. School board is the same, we had a warm meeting. 

In the art school we made autumn handcrafts, collected leaves outside with children. they enjoyed it. After the class we put their works on the wall . 

I had a Guest from Japan , named Kouji for couple of days. He is planning to travel to lot of countries. As he said his journey will probably last a year or more. During Kouji`s stay in Baia Mare we made Japanese food - Udon ( "homemade pasta" ) 

Kouji also made delicious sauce that went along with Udon very well. Side dish was beef mixed in another sauce , this time with apples and sugar. 

After tasting Japanese food , Misho and me decided to cook Georgian Khinkali for our guest. it looks like this -  

Mainly inside is meat, but for people who were on religious duties, we put mushrooms instead . 

Culmination of the weeks another Georgian food - Mchadi - 

It is made from white corn flower, that is not sold in Romania. Our dear friend Razvan bought it online, from Italy. Mchadi is in the list of my favorite foods, i was really happy to cook it in Romania. 

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