Monday, 1 September 2014

sweet dreams

"Walking on Sunshine" left baia mare . the moment of truth that awaits every volunteer . good to know you, we will meet someday for sure. can't write more.

I was in the yard of my building when some strange kids started attacking me. i was on top of garage and they were trying to climb it. i was throwing them of , trying to shorten there numbers , but there was no end to them. on top of that they were resurrecting . after dying once they were turning black and than gaining normal human body color. in the end i was captured. they took me in some room, where i discovered that there was an organization that made this kind of kids. i was not able to find the purpose . i was sitting in  that room and discussing things with these children. suddenly i woke up with a feeling "what the hell" ?

Saturday i was on a wedding. for one night i was part of manta family. what can i say, it was a bit similar to Georgian wedding. everything was perfect, fancy, damn cake i think was taller than me. We even appear on the family members picture in the church yard. probably after seeing it, they will ask themselves who the hell are we .

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