Monday, 15 September 2014

HHC : Return of the Kids


the kids that were gone in Italy for more than a month returned . now they are about 8-9. It was second time they saw us, we played a little. I think we can find common language easily. looking forward for wednesday.

School started, kids with flowers everywhere. maybe from next week we will start to work also. we will have the same teacher in one school, which is good, we have good relationship already.

On weekend me and misho went to Oradea, for a goodbye party of our friend. We hitchhiked and met very good romanian couple. They took us back to Baia Mare next day. We exchanged contact information and will continue relationship. Really friendly couple, they knew english , so killing time on the road was much easier.

Time spent in Oradea was great, as always. There are good volunteers and it is pleasure to go there. By the way, that city has the best park for children i saw here; and colorful trams, everyone of them is different. I got to know volunteer from Arad , who likes climbing , i will invite him after the gym will open here.

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