Monday, 8 September 2014

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as you know,  YMCA organized a training and intercultural day for local and non-local volunteers. it was a chance to communicate more with people we knew and meet new ones. i did team building activities that were new to me and i quite liked them. as expected, the "training day" was interesting .

For the next (intercultural) day  non-local volunteers had to prepare presentation and traditional food  . Me and misho prepared Baje, that looks like this - in the green plastic "jar". you just have to take the slice of bread, insert it into sauce, take it out the way you don't spill sauce on the table and than taste it. only  bread with sauce belongs to Georgia. Food from left is Portuguese and from right - Italy.

as for presentation, we told gathered people a few things about history, out traditions, culture. We even sang a song on Georgian, which participants did quite well. and not to forget, we played a game called - lelo . it is a simple game with a ball, like rugby, but with less rules. Bruno Miguel was the first brave one who rushed to the ball as others were watching. again, bravo Bruno. 

another news is , that we begin to work on another video. good thing is that at least we know what we want to do.

as for the weekend , no hiking . but we did slackline and played frisbee. while doing slackline a  newly married couple approached us. they were taking photos in big park. they asked for our bikes, to take photos with them. we gladly let them do it.

by the way, if any of you are interested in two activities mentioned above; just tell and join us.

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