Monday, 29 September 2014


Chronicles of last week :

Finally we started going to schools . We have the same classes, it's nice to see kids we know. They seem to remember us very well . Some of them still behave a bit "wild" because they just returned to school from the long holidays. i can understand them, it is not easy to switch so soon. 

From friday chestnut festival was officially opened by mayor of Baia Mare. YMCA staff took part in parade through the town; lot of people cheering on the way.

I checked the festival on friday and saturday night, but didn't stay too  much. Sweets, meat, drinks, clothes , even chess boards - they sold lot of things there. One guy even had a fortune telling parrot i think . Good thing is that the sounds from the stage didn't reach my flat. Saturday we met a Japanese guy , who's visiting Maramures . I am happy to test my Japanese language skills. I wish he was a volunteer here. 

In 1:30 hour we have a first session in another school. looking forward for it. 

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