Monday, 22 September 2014

9 stormtroopers

Yesterday evening we returned from a village called Pomi, that is near to Baia Mare. we ( 9 stormtroopers ) were guests in Manta mansion. good old house with grapes and apples. Ovidiu - friendly neighbor joined us for some time,  borrowed us his axe, which unfortunately broke . but it was alright. apples in the village tasted very good, especially green ones. i borrowed lot of them, from one house on the way back to Baia Mare. Luckily there are no bad adults around.

But before we went there for the weekend we had pleasure to go to hhc and romani center. still hard to make kids in hhc follow you.sometimes it works, sometimes no. We wanted to make a tower-building contest with them. first, they didn't even want to start . but when me and salome started to do it on our own, 3 of them got interested and in the end it worked out well. in the end they crushed it all, like in new Godzilla movie.

the latest news for us is to start preparing for our workshops. after this blog we have to present our ideas, etc.

so, take care

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