Wednesday, 6 August 2014


Yo ,

I haven`t written blog for a while . i will try to recall things that happened.

Main event of the month - Summer Camp is finished . the last group was largest, handling them was quite a challenge. There were kids from the first camp, so it was a bit easier. On thursday we took them to the big park. walking on the street looked like marching of the ducks.

On friday, when it was over we rushed home, took couple of liters of sangria/guitars and celebrated . 

1st and 2nd of august we spent in Feriza. Nuri was our host. We were lot of people , but few of us stayed overnight with tents. The good thing is that before starting barbecue , we found 5 meters high place to jump in the lake. i didn`t like feriza, but after that i started to respect it a bit more. these 2 days were good opportunity to say goodbye to Julio, volunteer from spain who leaves in the middle of august. Here you go

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