Monday, 11 August 2014

Second assault on Ignis

Good afternoon  ,  

The shop i buy meat was closed, and i went to another one, which i never been to . when i entered , i saw they made/sold fresh vegetable/fruit juices ; 400 gr = 6 lei . i tried carrot and apple mix and it was amazing. i instantly had a wish to bye the blending machine . 

On saturday we went to Ignis. yes, again but with different people . We met lot of grandma/grandpa`s from Hungary. They seemed like tough hikers . For the girls this trip was a bit of a challenge, but they made to top and back. good job. 

I really like the view from Ignis. My next goal is to go to - Maramures Mountains Natural Park >   .  it looks good and is not that far. 

This weekend i also started to learn new songs on guitar. I would like to try them with Curro, when he comes back . 

Thats all for now. 

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