Monday, 18 August 2014

2.544 meters

Buna Ziua

Romani Center kids are getting better and better in singing the song we practice . They also liked the idea to create kind of a band, group of children who will write new songs, practice ones that are already written . Probably in september we will start to work on english song.

"the hiking team" - me, misho and razvan made a 3 day visit to transfagarasan. Our goal was to reach Moldoveanu mountain , which is 2.544 meters high, highest in romania. The weather was not that amazing as we wanted to be, but the nature was . We saw some mountain goats, met lot of people on the road. One family even had a guitar, i enjoyed playing with them. On the peak there were groups of people, waiting others to go down. Everyone wanted to take a picture near the flags. I was surprised when i saw people above 50-60 years on that mountain.

When we returned from the mountain, we went the restaurant to change wet clothes and to eat. We asked for mamaliga and what they brought, was the best mamaliga i tasted so far .

I will have pictures of the trip in 10 days. for now this one will do

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