Monday, 30 June 2014


Last week can be called "Roma center" week , because i spent much time there. Me and Noemi (teacher at center) are helping kids to write there own song. They already have the lyrics and we are practising the structure of the song . Tomorrow is another rehearsal , we will add new ideas and see how they work/how children will like them . Good to see that they are so involved. 

Another progress for me , is that kids started to choose topics and I am making a short presentation about them. Florin, one of students choose the first topic, which was - "the Planet" . 

Have you heard of place called Padis ? it is about 100km from Oradea. We started our journey on friday, after work. Some of our volunteer friends were comming there also. We were so many that it was like a midterm for us. Because of this we went to bed a bit late . We did our best to wake up in morning, to find a car to our destination point . Padis was great, the nature there is really good. There were lot of people except us. After finding a good place fot tent , we gathered wood and started to make fire. 

In the morning, i woke up early and went out of tent. I saw about 30 horses running together. Watching them  boosted the feeling of being in wilderness . 

We hitchhiked both ways and were extremely lucky. We changed many cars and all of drivers were very friendly, hospitable. Thanks to them again . 

thats it . 

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