Thursday, 12 June 2014


Good morning,

Last week was YMCA 170th birthday . We did some activities in old center of town and played "city quest" with 5 highschool teams. I had to stay on one of the check points, to give new tasks and directions. Sadly i forgot to give tasks to the first 2 teams . hopefully they were not far away when we realized that.

Another news is that we are preparing event in Roma Center . We are working on a song and dance. I`m glad they like the song we have chosen .

I almost forgot to tell about football championship that we took part in. We took 4th place and got cookies as a prize. I am looking forward for the new tournament .

as you know , monday was a day off for everyone in Romania. Me and misho decided to visit comrade volunteers in Oradea. We started hitchhiking on sunday , had to change about 4-5 cars, got fried on the sun a bit , but arrived safe and sound. The last car we took was Volvo with air conditioning , so we forgot all hardships.

Oradea is a nice city, i liked it. We met all our friends, had dinner together , etc. it was great to see them . Next day we went to the river. There was a tree with a string, so we could jump "tarzan style". After swimming we went on a hill , from which you could see the view of the entire city . We said our goodbyes there and started to head back to baia mare.

It took us almost an hour to find a car, but luckily the car was going straightly to baia mare, and it was bmw with a good driver. The way back was much better and faster. Thanks Sorin.

And thats it for last weeks news. take care

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