Monday, 2 June 2014


Yo ,

i was in Predeal for 6 days for my On  Arrival Training, which was great! I met freshmen volunteers , good trainers and Daniel - who was in hotel staff. I mentioned him because, he is friendly, funny guy who enjoyed spending time with us.

I learned lots of new things, which i`m planning to use during my project and even after. it rained almost all the time , but we found ways to entertain ourselves .

We, volunteers already made some plans to travel in each others cities/towns and for sure we will do that. i wish there was more than two trainings during my project.

After Predeal, me and misho went to Brasov , walked arround the city, met colleagues from our organization and returned to Baia Mare with them. I was so tired , that i knocked out in the train till it reached destination.

To be honest i missed children i work with . today i was in Art School, it was great to see them after 1 week.

Got to go, in couple of minutes my boss will make money transfer to my bank account for this month .

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