Monday, 23 June 2014

Double Rainbow

Congratulations , the school has ended. We said goodbyes to children and teachers , wished them/ourselves great summer vacation, etc.

Luckily for us volunteers, there are other jobs to do during summer. One of them is to prepare for Summer Camps in july. Our team had discussions about this for two days. We figured out responsibilities, activicies and methods that we are going to use during the month. It is something new for me and I would like to see how it works in action.

But the main news of the week was the visit of fellow volunteers from Oradea. On the first day we went to Rock Pub - nice live music and friendly atmosphere . We enjoyed very much. The second day was devoted to Blue Lake , which was brown because of the rain . But after the rain, double rainbow appeared so it was worth it.

The comments were like :

"Probably the best rainbow i have seen so far"

"Lets take a picture"

"look, there is another one"

"oh, double rainbow"

here you go, some pictures on rainbow motive  :

On the road back from lake we met our friend Mihail, from Baia Sprie. he was sitting outside his house . We had warm meeting, talked about things and said our goodbyes.

See you.

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