Monday, 16 June 2014

2.303 meters

სალამი ( this is how "hello" is written on my language ) ,

We said goodbye to one class at school 14 last week . We gave them sweets and diploma . Salome cooked pancakes . Kids had two options, pancakes with jam or sugar . They liked it, me also.

Last week we started recording videos, for our video project . We still need more , but it will be finished soon i guess.

As for saturday-sunday - me, misho and razvan decided to go to borsa to visit " Munții Rodnei" . We tried hitchiking first, but no luck. had to take a bus, which was almost 4 amazing hours. The way up was great, we saw lot of people there. But we were the only ones who camped near meteo station. I saw the pictures of the lake before, i thought it would be swimmable, but sadly it wasn't that deep. I started to appreciate the trip more after got to the top. The view from up there was really worth it. 

Here are some photoes

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