Monday, 5 May 2014

Amazing Week


Past week was really something. On monday i  was at the "art school" to meet my future class, they were 5-6 years old. Bright kids with good teacher and perfect classroom , where they can fully develop and learn everything . i liked them very much and am excited to go next monday.

Tuesday is "Roma Center" day . Kids that day were into sumo. We played some other games, but the one they actually liked was "sumo fighting".

After behind "Roma Center" we had a meeting at the office with all the volunteers, including local ones. YMCA birthday is coming , so we are starting preparing for this event.

The best part of the week was after the meeting, when i left Baia Mare with friends and went to Herculane. We were going to see nearby areas and participate (not me) in "Herculane Climbing Open" competition. The nature, hot baths and climbing rocks were amazing. And there was no reception , which made everything more perfect. i met lots of people and got friends with few of them. We camped there until sunday, enough time to have a good rest from town "activities" .

Another blog coming after behind this week. see you

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