Monday, 12 May 2014

3 new classes

Good afternoon ,

This week 3 new classes added to my schedule. We met the kids and they accepted us pretty well. Teachers were glad, we even talked with headmaster of one school in her office. I am sure they are waiting with curiosity for tomorrows "lesson" .

9th may was europe day . we participated in "American International School of Transylvania" event. EVS volunteers who represented there countries were judges and highschoolers of Baia Mare had to guess a country from images. the ending part of contest was great, all teams had to prepare artistic moment, which all of them did very good.

After behind giving diplomas, congratulation claps and prizes to the winners, volunteers from different countries presented national meals, which were gladly absorbed by the audience.

By the way, 1st prize was won (second year in a row) by the Gheorghe Șincai National College . 

As for the saturday and sunday -

On saturday me, another georgian volunteer and one local went to see/help at "medieval village" , that is in the process of building near Firiza lake. After being built, the area will host lots of events. I think there will be an amazing atmosphere . I talked to guys in charge, they are passionate about work they do . Anyone can participate in working process. so if you feel like helping them out and being part of this this, you are in.

On sunday i went to creasta cocosului . the view from there is nice . it's almost the size of Ignis. After seeing the peek we saw 3 small lakes that are in the area. To Baia Mare we hitchhiked with the most comfortable car , i have ever hitchhiked so far . It was one of latest models of "Audi" . He left us in old center , so the journey ended up there.

The end.

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