Monday, 28 April 2014

First impression

So, my name is Tazo. I took this picture when i was at Ignis. I am a new volunteer from Georgia. It’s almost a month that I am in Baia Mare and everything is perfect so far. The first day I arrived I met staff from my organization -  YMCA and other volunteers. Our relationship is getting better and better since than. The flat is really good, it is sorrounded by park and everything I need is very close to it. Baia Mare is considered a small town, but is pretty “equipped” so to say. Here is a swimming pool, place to rehearse/play music (where I learn drums), all kinds of shops, cinema and they are building bouldering gym , which will be ready in 2-3 months. It is sorrouned by forest, with hiking routs and perfect places for downhill bikes. By the way, organization gave my a bike to use in the city, which is great.
My first working day was at Roma Center, with children from 5 to 16 . They left very good impression and the great thing is that I enjoyed spending time with them too. I am trying to learn basic romanian very fast, to be able to communicate with them without the help of teacher or other locals. The teachers I met are very friendly and helpfull.
I have to work at various places, so I try to learn many games, activities . Good thing is that You can use imagination and invent something new. By spending more time with the kids you learn what they prefer doing and what they don’t like. I think If I try hard, eventualy I can approach each one of them .
The thing I enjoyed the most so far was the non-formal activity week , that was held in YMCA office, 2 schools and kindergarden. All volunteers from organization worked as one team . We formed different teams and it was quite interesting to work with other people. I had a chance to meet highschoolers and kids. It is amazing to watch how youngsters change during 2-3 hours of communication and activities they have never done before. Some of them came with serious, unsure faces , thinking “what the hell am I doing here”, but left smiling and pleased. Students of one school asked if we could do stuff like this with them again. When we find free time, we plan to do so .
Thank you. That’s all folks, for now. 

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