Tuesday, 7 April 2015

i am home

good afternoon ,

i safely arrived back to Georgia. the trip was good , my guitars are still alive . i met 4 friends on the way . in bucharest i met orla , emre and aycha . i was on the same plane to istanbul with emre amd aycha. it was nice coinsidence . in istanbul, with help of emre  i met another friend , who showed me the city and was an amazing host .

in the airport , my family and friends were waiting for me. was a nice surprize, because i was waiting only 2 people.

for now i am meeting my friends and relaxing , but at the same time trying to find a job .

thanks again , Romania , Romanians and Non-Romanians i met during this time.

keep shopping in Fragus !

Monday, 30 March 2015

time to pack

Hello ,

last week was full of activities . on monday we, YMCA volunteers had a meeting with maramures tv. They asked me about my impressions and what was i doing in romania for 1 year .

Another important thing that happened on monday , is that on jude`s workshop we created a song, which is already recorded. today we will try to make a video for it.

Friday was my last day in Copalnic school. teacher and children prepared surprise for me . lovely drawings on blackboard, exploding confetti, cookies and a goodbye gift. teachers there are really nice to us, volunteers.

We have a guest in house , his name is victor , friend of jude who arrived here for couple of days. He had a birthday on saturday. We made georgian food - Xinkali , which was a success, tasted really good.

I leave on 1st of april. today i have to buy some souveniers and try to pack my bag. to see what i take and what i have to leave.

My next blog will be from home. see you.

Monday, 23 March 2015


Good morning ,

I found out that my flight back home is on 1st of april. Again I have to spend a lot of time in Istanbul airport, but now , luckily I have a friend that lives there. I plan to meet him .

Last weeks highlight was the new school we went to in Cavnic. my friends went to that class. Teacher said that children wanted to have activities with volunteers and that is the reason why we started to go there.

Teacher was waiting for us near the bus stop. Her english is good and kids know a little bit also. children are fun and they were eager to participate in activities.

Friday was the "international day of water" . we, YMCA volunteers went to the water cleaning factory in Baia Mare. Employees were explaining to children the way factory works.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Where is my hat ?

Good afternoon  ,

After a short break i finally went to Copalnic . Somehow i like going there. Except 3 boys the whole class was participating in the activity. But in the end one boy of these 3 join us. others were curious, but stayed firmly on their chairs. On the way back to baia mare we hitchhiked with orthodox priest , who was from the church situated 60km from Tirgu Lapus. He was nice, drove us all the way till Mcdonalds .

On saturday was my birthday. I humbly celebrated it with few friends. We disturbed the administrator of the building a bit. But in the evening me and sopo went to his flat with cake. Domnu Andrei treated us with apple juice. Now he is not angry with us, i am sure.

I received nice and useful gifts . thanks a lot !

but, i think i lost my hat in the pub . I checked the place and it was closed. on Friday i will try to go there and ask about it.

Monday, 9 March 2015

home alone

Good morning ,

because of being a bit ill, i missed Copalnic school last friday. So , no "volunteer activities" for me that week.

And weekend i was alone in the flat . girls went traveling . i looked after the apartment pretty well. with couple of friends who were in town , we made lovely dinner and celebrated Nuri`s birthday , which was actually 1 week ago .

Yesterday i was watching Romanian movie - "the death of mr.Lazarescu" . i slept in the middle, but woke up before the ending, which was a bit strange . anyway , if you haven't seen this movie, you can leave it be.

The weather in baia mare is getting warmer and warmer. i am walking outside with just a shirt and fleece. i remember, last year in april i wore shorts. behold, hot weathers are coming.

Monday, 2 March 2015

new flat

This week 4 more volunteers left baia mare. one of them was my project partner - Salome . Thank you Lelievre , was a funny year . I will check your Georgian alphabet handwriting when we meet next time. and I am staying here 1 month more , because i was one month late. Thank you visa for existing.

I  had to change flats, now i am living with volunteers from another project . This flat belonged to "walking on sunshine" , so i am familiar with it. i inherited sarahs room , which was robbis before. it is a bit strange to live with a door after 11 months, because before i didn't needed one. but now i have a balcony .

On sunday i received my project t-shirt, poster and lovely gifts from my coordinator and mentor. i like the t-shirt very much , i also have to focus on collecting gifts to take in Georgia for my family members and friends. Last month, lot of things to do . whew.

this is the t-shirt

Monday, 23 February 2015

winter is over

thank you http://blackpantheras.deviantart.com/

Hello ,

As the end of EVS approaches to 3 of our friends , we started some "need to be done" activities . Filling youthpass, giving away things we don't take home, cleaning houses, making goodbye lunches, dinners, drinking, I will stay here 1 month more, but i already started to throw some things , because i am changing the flat.

Friday was the day that volunteers from 3 organizations celebrated and after went out in baia mare . parties were in two locations . Unfortunately our flats are not big enough to fit us all . But before , during the afternoon I had to go to Copalnic . We ended up playing football with almost all the school children. 2 hours passed really fast while running , shouting , etc. that game was beyond any referee to handle . Girls also were playing , but with strange tactic - they were like a bucket of flowers. not separating from each other .

On saturday we had a small dinner, where people brought their own made food. Was truly delicious . Evening was full of compliments.

I am sure you noticed how warm it is during past days in baia mare. lot of people go to play in parks now . i think winter time is over.